Presenting Useful Information for Producers

Thompson Research Center Field Day focuses on beef cattle

The Thompson Research Center explores beef cattle production systems and hosts an annual Field Day to bring those findings to local producers and landowners. Thompson Research Center Superintendent Rodney Geisert talks to attendees of the Thompson Research Center Field Day, which took place Tuesday, Sept. 20 in Spickard. The Thompson Research Center Field Day, held Tuesday, Sept. 20, in Spickard,…

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Tackling A Challenge

Jared Decker has received a grant for $2 million to study to cattle genetics

As a beef geneticist and extension specialist, Jared Decker spends a lot of time discussing issues and challenges with Missouri producers, farmers and ranchers. One of those challenges is finding the right cattle for different environments. Cattle that are poorly adapted to their environment don’t perform as well as those that are comfortable with their surroundings. “We’re trying to create…

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The (Academic) Road Less Traveled

Pair of students work on dual degrees through MS/DVM program

For Jill Abel and Brianne Bishop, these days represent the quiet in the middle of the storm. This fall the two are taking nine credit hours in addition to serving as teaching assistants and conducting field trials related to their master’s research as graduate students in the Division of Animal Sciences in the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources. That may seem like a full…

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Rebuilding the Herd

Heifer management helps to produce quality beef

Studies at the Thompson Research Center have shown managing beef heifers is as important as using improved genetics in developing replacements. Rebuilding the U.S. cow herd numbers takes more than keeping female offspring to breed. Managing beef heifers is as important as using improved genetics in developing replacements, says David Patterson, professor at College of Agriculture, Food and…

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